1. occupygezipics:

    A demonstrator under a cloud of tear gas holds a sign that says “Mother, is the police even human?”

  2. occupygezipics:

    “I am here for my child. What are YOU here for?”, a demonstrator.asks the police.

  3. occupygezipics:

    In Besiktas, demonstrator report successful resistance along Akaretler St. 

  4. occupygezipics:

    View from near Inonu stadium, Besiktas.

  5. occupygezipics:

    A makeshift hospital in Dolmabahce, Besiktas helping the wonded.

  6. occupygezipics:

    In Eskisehir, people vs Police

  7. occupygezipics:

    Manisa earlier today

  8. occupygezipics:

    Solidarity from Berlin!

  9. occupygezipics:

    A man helps a dog in tear gas related distress.

  10. occupygezipics:

    Turkish police uses riot control equipment as assault weapons, not abiding to the 45 degrees angle rule.